An adventure for body and soul
An adventure for body and soul
An adventure for body and soul

An adventure for body and soul

Sometimes you simply have to take a break from everyday life and all the commotion. We offer an authentic, nature and cultural experience packed with ... peace and quiet.


Roll along at a leisurely pace on your bicycle along crunching gravel roads, surrounded by dense forest and undulating meadows. Enjoy the fresh air, soak up the fresh fragrances of the forest and listen to the birds singing. Put your bike down and take a dip in a quiet forest mere, sit down in the soft moss and drink a cup of coffee. In the rich forest, among the mountain pastures, the old ironworks and farmhouses of Hälsingland provide a spiritual voyage of discovery, where you will learn more about Sweden, its nature, culture and also about yourself...

Day 1
Starting from Edsbyn at 14.00
The adventure will take you through forests and past lakes. After arrival it can be nice with sauna and shower. You stay in a house that has an old-fashioned charm and eat in a restaurant that serves traditional Hälsinge food. Drink spring water from the four fresh water springs that bubble in the small brook as they meander past the house.

Day 2

After a hearty breakfast prepared with local ingredients and with your lunchpack all prepared we ride off along the small forest roads through the magical forest to the fantastic sandy beach "Malmtorget". The beach is very isolated and very few people find their way here. In the barbecue area there is dry wood to light a fire with. Here you can have a nice day swimming and relaxing. This night you will also sleep well in the same location.

Day 3

Today's bike ride is 15 km, most of it is a pleasant downhill journey. Once we get to Svabensverk, you can take a dip in the lake at the beach before you unpack your belongings in a pleasant B&B that is booked for the next three nights. The canoe is waiting for those of you who are eager to end the day with a bit of paddling.
Svabensverk was founded by Anton Svab, a German who started an ironworks here in 1799. The small village is characterised by beautiful slag-stone buildings which commemorate the history of iron making. The chapel is well worth a visit. The pilgrim trail passes through the village on its way to Nidaros (Trondheim).

Days 4 and 5

After breakfast we will be going on an all-day paddling tour. Bring a packed lunch, binoculars, camera, and fishing equipment, in case you would like to do a spot of fishing. We decide where to go based on how the weather is on the the first day. The following day we make our way back across the waters in the opposite direction.

Day 6

The tour takes you through the wonderful Finn forest. Towards the end of the day, we cycle to Varga's Vildmarkslodge. The sauna out on the bridge is the most popular building. After the sauna you can cool off in the lake. The water comes from underground springs and is crystal clear – you can actually drink it! Here you enjoy the summer evening at its most delightful. Perhaps the Golden Eagle will come soaring past high up in the sky.
At the lodge, there is silence and stillness. Electricity and other modern facilities have not reached this part of the forest. We eat all of the delicious meals in the timbered great cottage. If you would like to have a really exciting night, you can stay overnight in a hiding place in the woods to keep a look out for bear (not included, but can be booked as an option).

Day 7

Today we cycle out to Alfta, a community that dates back to the 700s when the Vikings lived in the neighbourhood. There are seven Hälsingland farms that are on the UNESCO World Heritage List including two in Alfta parish. During the summer time guided tours of Olandersgården with its beautiful murals are organised daily.
After making yourself at home in your accommodation, you are free to choose where you want to eat your evening meal on the last night, (not included in the package). Why not finish the evening with a mini tour of the scenic Forsparken (Whitewater park) which has a bridge over the river which you can walk/cycle over.

Day 8

It's time to round off the tour by cycling through the minor country roads past the lakes and villages and back to the starting point. Enjoy the unique old farmhouses you cycle past. At lunch time you will have finished the tour and you will be a lot richer, in terms of natural experiences. Back by 13.00.

Please note that the programme can be subject to smaller changes, for example due to weather conditions.

The activity carried out by Bike Tours Sweden

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