Bed & Breakfast - Nygården

Live in this Beautiful Hälsingegård in Harmånger, with ancestry from the 17th Century.


Nygården - Live in this lovely Hälsingegård in Harmånger, Close to nature and the farmers Life in this Beautiful countryside. A farmhouse with ancestry from the 17th Century. Gently renovated with a solid feel to it. You'll have your own wc, shower and refrigerator. You can also have breakfast served. This farm lies 3 minutes from road E4 in Harmånger.

Everything has been decorated with a feeling for color. The owners have kept the houses character and added some new things. Genuine accommodation with ancestry from the 17th Century. Here you'll find 5 beds and a bed sofa, wc, shower, refrigerator, microwave oven, sink and a stove. Unique living. You will be living in the Soldier cottage, Skåne cottage etc. every cottage has a different theme.
You can also live live on your own floor in one wing of the house. 1 room and kitchen. 4-5 sleeping areas are offered. 3 regular beds and a bed sofa.
The Beautiful old doors have been preserved and the rag rugs decorate the wooden floor.
The view over the farm and the landscape can be enjoyed while you're eating breakfast in the kitchen.
The Amazing interior details on the doors like the handles and fittings, dates back to the 1600.

The farm hand chamber is available in direct Connection to the woodshed, a room sparingly decorated and with a 120 cm bed. There's Another room with the same size as the farm hand chamber but with two 90 cm beds instead.

Children up to 3 years old live here for free if they sleep in their parents bed.
Open between May and October.



  • Parking nearby
  • Child friendly
  • Swimming area
  • Close to nature
  • Forest area

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Map & directions

X-trafik bus numbered 29 will take you to the busstop next to the road to this Bed & Breakfast. The busstop name is Nordanå, 600 metres from the farm.