Bergaliv loft
Bergaliv - a Swedish Landscape Hotel
Bergaliv - a Swedish Landscape Hotel
Bergaliv - a Swedish Landscape Hotel

Bergaliv - a Swedish Landscape Hotel

High above the tree tops on a Swedish mountain, Bergaliv Landscape Hotel is taking shape by its unique Loft House architecture with miles and miles of view over a stunning landscape of nature and culture.


The Bergaliv Loft Houses are architect-drawn organic wooden cabins embracing the vision of a landscape hotel, a concept to blend in with the surrounding nature and highlight its natural beauty. In the top-quality hotel room of a Loft House and its wide-open loft under the roof, guests can retreat comfortably, leave city noise disturbance behind and let secrets of Nature soothe their minds. This is also the perfect place to admire wonderful Hälsingland. Bergaliv adjoins the Ljusnan River Valley, a scenic landscape in beauteous harmony that attracted the Vikings to settle down here more than a millennium ago.

In summer with long days and light short nights, botanists can discover their fairyland, while in winter, traces from elks, foxes and rabbits will mark the snowy mountain. Springtime is a serenade of birds singing and autumn a peaceful treasury of mushrooms and wild berries.

Orbaden, down by the riverside, is famous for its beach of white sand and crystal-clear water and the facilities of Orbaden Spa & Resort with its fine old hotel traditions, restaurant and spa. This is where to check in for Bergaliv before transfer or hiking through the foliage on the former slalom slope to the Loft House.

Natural ways to approach Orbaden can be hiking, biking, driving or taking a bus or a train. Car drivers are recommended the route of Tidernas väg, a picturesque historical road and the traditional gateway to northern Sweden. Hikers should know that a long-distance footpath, Helgonleden, connecting the medieval cities Uppsala (Sweden) and Trondheim (Norway), is passing Orbaden and Bergaliv.


  • Close to nature
  • Close to lake
  • Forest area

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You get to Bergaliv via Orbaden Spa & Resort (the Spa Hotel), Gamla Orbadenvägen 86, Vallsta. You can arrive at Orbaden by car or you can go to Vallsta by Train or Bus and walk from Vallsta to Orbaden. If you let us know a couple of days in advance, we can arrange a transfer from the bus stop or the railway station.