Bergsjö Coconut balls

Bergsjö Cocosbollar AB offers pastry with a feel for the craftsmanship in the shape and taste of the coconut balls.


Works for the survival of the small communities and works locally with manufacturing and sales.

The coconut balls are made upon ordering using an old recipe without the traditional biscuit base, and you can freeze them.

They can be delivered to stores, cafés, restaurants, schools, unions and private people.

Feel free to call if you want to order or if you want more information.
Jeanette Svalstedt in Bergsjö is now in charge of the making of the coconut balls.
070-341 03 65


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22 April 2021
Bergsjö Coconut balls 22 April 2021
23 April 2021
Bergsjö Coconut balls 23 April 2021
24 April 2021
Bergsjö Coconut balls 24 April 2021

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