Church boat rowing
Church boat rowing

Church boat rowing

Definitely an activity worth trying if you haven't done so!


A wonderful alternative to travel on the water where you avoid the noise from an engine. Without problems you can glide through reeds and over water lilies. Exciting teamwork combined with a quiet rowing.
The church boats belong to an old tradition that has been kept alive for over a thousand years. The boat construction dates back to the Iron Age, but after Sweden became Christian, the boats, which were built in the villages along the river and by our lakes, were used to bring the villagers to the church on Sundays - hence the name church boats.

Suitable for both those who want an exercise session and those who want a moment of relaxation, you decide the pace. In Vallsta / Orbaden (along Ljusnan), exercise rowing is arranged on Sundays May-September and excursion rowing in July. In Freluga (Voxsjön), exercise and excursion rowing is arranged on Mondays during June, July and August. Bring your own coffee and swimwear.
If you are a group of at least 8 people, it is possible to rent your own church boat with your own navigating officer on other days and times during the season. A popular activity for companies and associations or for weddings.

For more information about times and group bookings, visit Arbrå church boat rowers 'website or Woxsjön's church boat rowers' facebook.

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