Seahouses on Möljen in Happy Hudik

Destination Hudiksvall - Glada Hudik

Welcome to beautiful Hudiksvall! A destination filled with great experiences for everyone. With a variation of nature, culture, great scenery and spectacular coast line with cozy fishing villages and sandy beaches. Don´t miss the Hudiksvall archipelago, it´s a real gem!
The historical trading and fishing town of Hudiksvall, which dates back to the 1500s, is a cozy small town with a great mix of shopping, restaurants and cafes. Everything close to the water. And not to forget, the famous boat houses at “Möljen”.

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Folk music festivals

Dellenbygden is known for its folk music festivals, with a long tradition of folk music. In today's Hälsingland, the tradition lives on and is intertwined with our time. Here you will find Sweden's most famous folk music festivals, Delsbostämman, Norrbostämman and Bjuråkersstämman, which are always arranged the first, second and third weekend in July.

Come and experience bush games, concerts, swirling dances, influences from all over the world and a wonderful folk festival.



Get a taste of Glada Hudik

Hudiksvall and Hälsingland have a long tradition of artisan food making. There are plenty of exciting things to try. Forsa Gårdsmejeri makes the famous, prize-winning Hälsingeostkaka (Hälsinge Swedish Cheesecake) which is a local speciality. Hudik Bröd makes authentic sour dough bread of the highest quality. Frägsta Mejeri is a micro dairy that produces mozzarella, ricotta, and burrata cheese with milk from local farms.

Hand-picked restaurants

Ystegårn Café & Bistro
Restaurant located in a rural historical farmhouse environment that serves up tasty courses and great “fika”. Outside service, play area, crafts boutique, farm dairy, and guided tours.
Peter Brolin Gastronomi
Chef Peter Brolin presents fine dining inspired by gastropubs in New York and London, but with a homely feel.
Borka Brygga
Scented by the sea itself, this genuine archipelago pub located on a gantry invites you to try a menu focused on fish and local produce accompanied by suitable drinks.

Tallrik med god mat Visit Glada Hudik
Famil cyklar dressin på Dellenbanan Visit Glada Hudik

Family fun

Glada Hudik has lots of fun and action packed activities for children of all ages to discover. Here are some examples.

-Step into Mulle Meck's fairytale world and take a ride in the air plane, or why not a trip to space in Mulle's rocket? Here, children get to be creative, use their curiosity and problem solving skills!

-Ride skateboards, bikes, and skates, or play boule and climb in one of our sporting parks.

- Do some trolley cycling on the Dellen Line (Dellenbanan), an activity for the whole family! Pedal along glittering lakes, over dramatic bridges, and through dark tunnels. Bring snacks and swimwear for an amazing day.

-At Bjuråker's ancient farm there is a playhouse that is a miniature copy of a classic Hälsinge farmhouse. The playhouse is decorated like its historical farmhouse, it is modeled on and gives children a playful look at history.


Cosy fishing villages

Along the Hälsinge coastline there is a string of fishing villages which offer a lovely image of an ancient industry and culture. The fishing was mainly done by the bourgeoisie, living by the coast during the summer and on the mainland during winter. Herring and salmon were the main catches.
As the shoreline moved due to tectonic uplift, the fishing villages have moved through the centuries, but some are still there today. By Kuggören and Hölick you will find the traditional pebble fields and beaches, as well as hiking trails.  Agön, with its grand lighthouse, is a popular location for swimming and hiking. The fishing villages date back to the 1500s and the fisherman’s chapels are still in use.

Kuggören fishing village Visit Glada Hudik

Active vacation

Experience freedom, adventure or maybe just the silence. No matter why you love being in nature, we get you. The nature in Hudiksvall gives you a wide range of active experiences, everything from hiking and biking to skiing in winter and stunning views from any of the mountains in the area.

There are several hiking trails to discover in the beautiful surroundings of Hudiksvall. In deep woods, close to shimmering lakes and the coast line. For example Sjuvallsleden, Norrboleden and Hölick nature reserve and eko park.

With a great variation of both cross country trails, road and gravel, there is something for everyone. Both the adrenaline junkie and families. For example the MTB trails at Storberget in Forsa, the spectacular views by the road around lake Dellen and the draisine on the old railway of “Dellenbanan”.

In winter time you find perfect cross country skiing in our destination. Both close to nature and the city.

Great views
Our region is known for it´s “Blue mountains”. And with mountains comes views. Here in Hudiksvall you find many great views. For example Avholmsberget with it´s beautiful view over the Dellen Lakes and the crater formed by a meteor 100 million years ago.  Or the mythical mountain of Blacksåsberget with incredible views of the landscape and the classical “blue mountains of Hälsingland”.



Do you want to stay in the middle of town, close to restaurants and shopping experiences? Or are you more attracted to calm, forests, and closeness to nature? At our destination there are plenty of options – stay in a hotel, hostel, unique bed & breakfasts, a Hälsingegård, camping, or in a lodge. We offer something for everyone.


















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