The Finnskogsleden is a hiking trail of about 35 km in Bollnäs' southern Finnskog.


A suitable start for the hike is Annefors, about 25 km southwest of Bollnäs. The trail is hilly with large height differences and offers beautiful views, wilderness feeling and cultural experiences. Along the trail there are information boards with facts about the interesting places and sights that you pass along the way. Among other things, the area's strong connection to the Finnish forest and forestry from the past.

Accommodation options in coal huts and windbreaks with fireplaces in various places along the trail are available, as well as fine fishing waters. Fishing requires a fishing license that you can buy at the store Snakeroll Sportfiske in Bollnäs. However, the supply of drinking water along the trail is quite limited.

For tips on other attractions in the area well worth a visit, see Finnskogsriket's website:

Map of Finnskogsleden and complete map of Finnskogsriket can be bought at Bollnäs tourist information.


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