Gränsfors blomkrukor
Gränsfors Flowerpot Factory

Gränsfors Flowerpot Factory

Production of earthenware vessels began at Gränsfors in 1883, and since the beginning of the 1900s, the flowerpot factory has been run by the Bergström family, now in its fourth generation with Niklas Bergström at the helm.


The local clay is of a suitable quality for moulding and firing, and visitors can see and experience how clay from the nearby fields is worked and transformed into beautiful, practical items.

Flowerpots from Gränsfors, which have been the main product since the 1930s, are the Rolls Royce of pots. They are loved by growers and gardening experts for their quality and their simple, natural beauty.

In addition to flowerpots, the small factory also makes traditional earthenware bowls and dishes from old original models. There is also a factory shop on the site.

Tel: +46 (0)652-140 19


  • Shopping/Design
  • Close to nature
  • Non smoking
  • All year
  • Forest area

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