Halloween at Furuvik!
Halloween at Furuvik!
Halloween at Furuvik!
Halloween at Furuvik!

Halloween at Furuvik!

Success is back! Welcome to a chilling adventure for the whole family - or blood-curdling horror for the slightly older ones.


Halloween at Furuvik
Boo! The creepiest and coziest experience of the year is back. The entire park is filled with exciting experiences for the whole family. Here you can meet both witches and zombies, enjoy a Halloween-decorated park and ride our fun attractions that stay open as long as the weather permits.

This year we offer several novelties; including the brand new Pelle Svanslös performance "Buuus eller Candy" and ÖN; during Horror Nights, our adventure island becomes your worst nightmare. ÖN is part of Horror Nights and suits our slightly older visitors.

When the park closes for the day, we open up again for the hit Horror Nights!

Halloween is open 15–16 October, 22–23 October and 29–30 October and 2–5 November at 11:00–18:00.

Horror Nights is open 29 October and 3–5 November at 19:00–23:00


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15 October 11:00
16 October 11:00
22 October 11:00
23 October 11:00
29 October 11:00
29 October 19:00
30 October 11:00
02 November 11:00


15 October 2022
Halloween at Furuvik! 15 October 2022 - 11:00
16 October 2022
Halloween at Furuvik! 16 October 2022 - 11:00
22 October 2022
Halloween at Furuvik! 22 October 2022 - 11:00

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