Experience Hälsingland's undulating landscape on foot.


Hälsingeleden is a hiking trail that stretches from Mosjön in the south to Los in the north. In total about 16 miles. There are also various connection routes for a total of about 70 km. This means that the Hälsingeleden is also suitable for those who just want to go on a shorter day trip. Although it is mainly a trail for hiking, there are some sections that are suitable for cycling in summer and skiing in winter.

The trail is marked with orange on selected trees and other objects in nature. Along the trail there are picnic areas and overnight cabins. Map for the section Mosjön-Bolleberget-Harsa, including connecting routes, can be purchased at Bollnäs tourist information, the sports auditorium in Bollnäs and Helins' bookstore. For more information and stage descriptions, see www.bollnas.se/upplev


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