The Hälsingland Farm Trail

The Hälsingland Farm Trail is a tourist trail which meanders through the villages and districts that are home to the biggest Hälsingland farmhouses, the most magnificent porches and most extravagantly painted interiors. Hundreds of these farmhouses are scattered like jewels over the province.


The trail, which takes you through a cultural landscape that is a thousand years old, stretches from the banks of the Voxna river to the vast northern forests that are home to the farms’ summer pastures.
The flax scutcheries, mills and sawmills along watercourses flowing down from the wooded high country through villages to the river bear witness to the agricultural industry that made the Hälsingland farmers rich.

The Ol-Anders farm, in Östra Kyrkbyn in Alfta near route 50, is the gateway to the Hälsingland Farm Trail.
The route – 28 km in all – leads you past Löka farm in the village of Gundbo and on through the villages of Näsbyn, Långhed, Vängsbo, Knåda, Roteberg and Ullungsfors, to end at Mårtes farm in Edsbyn.

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