Hau-Koda - Tipi camp

Hau-Koda is the native indian tipi camp in Nordanstigs Kommun in Sweden. Following the trends in travelling, we tried to create an atmosphere full of wildlife spirit together in harmony with our beautiful nature.


Tipi - "made for to live in"
The Sioux-word tipi consists of two parts: "Ti" means living and "pi" means made for.
The Sioux tipi, which is used by the Plains Indians of North America, is a sloping cone that is steeper on the back and has a smoke outlet on the front flanked by two so-called smoke flaps.
Supported by 2 movable outer poles, the draft can be regulated, the tipi ventilated and the smoke transported outside.

Warm and comfortable inside
A stay at Hau-Koda, e.g. in our tipi Tammahaw, offers comfortable comfort combined with genuine nature experiences.
In Nordanstig, there are plenty of activities for you both in the summer and in the winter season.
Such as canoeing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing, skiing and more.

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