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Hedesunda Camping

Elected "Loveliest Charm Camping" in all of Europe by the Dutch Tourist organization ANWB! (January 2020)

Beautifully located next to Dalälvens beach with docks and sandy beach. Here you can swim and fish, go canoeing or just relax. Bikes, boats, canoes and floating sauna available for rent.


On Hedesunda camping there is room for about 100 tents and caravans. In addition, there are ten cabins to rent. Although the campsite is well equipped, it gives you a great feeling of wilderness.

Showers, toilets and disabled toilets are centrally located near the front desk. There are good cooking facilities including electric and microwave ovens, hot water, washing equipment and modern washing machines.


  • Parking nearby
  • Child friendly
  • Swimming area
  • Close to nature
  • Internet
  • Access to kitchen
  • Close to lake
  • Forest area

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