Homero Alvarez Sep7ett houses a bunch of hand-picked top musicians and good friends who playfully deliver energetic collective swing and fantastic individual soloing. Painting road movie feelings and spaceships are mixed with Brazilian samba or Colombian cumbia.


Guitarist and composer Homero Alvarez formed his new septet just as the pandemic broke out, and the ambition was to build a group that plays the entire wide palette of compositions Homero has written over the years. Of course, a lot of South American influences with an uptempo twist, but also music from various radio and theater productions.

Homero Alvarez has previously been heard with Rafa Oliveira, Deise Andrade and Simone Moreno. It sounds like samba jazz, Brazilian rhythms, up tempo with room for freer arrangements and solos. They say that no pandemic in the world has prevented them from creating new music and that everyone is welcome! In his septet, he has gathered some of Sweden's most eminent musicians. Now we want to dance (if not literally, then at least spiritually)!

Homero Alvarez – Guitars
Karl Olandersson – trumpet
Karin Hammar – trombone
Arnold Rodriguez - piano
Juan Patricio Mendoza – bass
Ola Bothzén – drums
Andreas Ekstedt – percussion


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  • Non smoking
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12 April 19:00


12 April 2023
HOMERO ALVAREZ SEP7ETT 12 April 2023 - 19:00