I kroppen min (In My Body)

I kroppen min (In My Body)

This autumn we celebrate Molière's 400 years with our production of Don Juan. This is the only one of Molière's plays that we know was performed in Sweden in the 1600s. Perhaps by Molière's own squad?


Don Juan is about a man who unscrupulously destroys, crushes and corrupts various people who happen to get in his way both mentally and materially. The theme of how privileged people with power and assets have the obligation to value and respect those who do not have this platform is extremely relevant today. Both on a macro level – between nations with despotic leaders who violate citizens, other countries' countries and international law – and on a micro level between individuals. Molière's alter ego, the valet Sganarelle, points out through the play that Don Juan must choose a different lifestyle and stop behaving like the devil himself. He says that God will avenge him if he does not stop treating his fellow man so badly. If you live like Don Juan in our time, it is the end of the world we should fear.

The play's common thread about the authoritarianism of the privileged elite is timeless. In Don Juan it is God's wrath that Don Juan does not fear, in our time it is the end of the world. We want to feel that the 1600s are near but that we reflect our own time in Molière's text.


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14 October 19:00


14 October 2023
I kroppen min (In My Body) 14 October 2023 - 19:00