Welcome to Jungfrukusten

- our maiden-like coastline

Jungfrukusten or the Maiden Coast is the coastal area of Gästrikland and Hälsingland. It stretches about 200 kilometres from its southermost point Öregrund all the way up north to Höga Kusten or the High Coast. The name Jungfrukusten comes partly from the island of Storjungfrun outside Söderhamn, and partly from the area's maiden-like nature (jungfru means maiden or virgin in Swedish). In our archipelago, there are more than 4,500 islands; plenty of beautiful sandy beaches; and genuine, idyllic fishing hamlets.

Some highlights from Jungfrukusten

Jetty at Limön Island. Photo: Twist and Shout.

Limön Island, Gävle

Limön is an idyllic island in the Gävle archipelago. The old fishing harbour on Limön bustles with life when summer visitors arrive at the island. Boat trips run from here throughout the summer. Down by the harbour there are old boathouses and jetties. You can swim, fish, barbeque in the picnic areas, hike along nature trails, see lighthouses old and new and visit the café.

Limö café is open in the summers for coffee, tea and light refreshments. There’s also a small convenience store. At the café you can play parlour games, borrow books and rent canoes. During the summer there are various events and a summer camp for children and youths.

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Axmar Bruk. Photo Gävle kommun.

Axmar bruk - an historical ironworks site

In the old mill of Axmar, history is preserved in the shape of a well-kept blast furnace with two ovens and a park with ruins from the first mill, used in the 1670's. During the 1800's, the mill area was expanded and moved closer to the sea. On the site of the old mill, an English park and a large manor was erected. Today, many of the buildings are destroyed, including the large manor. The blast furnace, however, was restored in the 1970's.

The remaining English park is still well-kept and definitely worth a visit, since it too reminds us of a long lost age of luxury and elegance. In the park there are ponds and canals, and the blossoming green area with its system of waterways is the perfect place for a picnic. The area also has a guest harbour with RV parking and a renowned restaurant, Axmar brygga.

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View from Rönnskär outside Söderhamn.

Rönnskär in the Söderhamn Archipelago

Stay on the idyllic island of Rönnskär, in an environment created by the pilots, customs officers and fishermen that once were the permanent residents of the island. Today, Rönnskär is a real summer’s paradise where you can go bathing, fishing and discover the islands exciting cultural heritage. There is a youth hostel in the former pilotage.

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Tipi tent at Hölick.

Hölick - at the tip of Hornslandet peninsula

Hölick is located on the southern tip of Hornslandet, 30 kilometers east of Hudiksvall, and is a unique part of Sweden. The wide beaches and unexpectedly beautiful scenery offer visitors a unique blend of wonderful days on the beach and authentic nature experiences. The area is complete with a camping including unique accommodation in tipi tents (pictured right), two restaurants and a fishing hamlet.

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Mellanfjärden Fishing Hamlet. Photo by Philippe Rendu.

Mellanfjärden, Nordanstig

In the fishing hamlet of Mellanfjärden you'll find (among other things) a hotel, a seaside restaurant (Restaurang Sjömärket) and a small convenience store. The guest harbour has capacity for up to 22 boats. Nearby lies The Enchanted Forest, one of Hälsingland's main family attractions; a live fairytale forest, where a theatrical fairytale piece for children between the ages of 2 and 9 is played during summer and in December.

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All guest harbours

Below is a list of all our guest harbours along Jungfrukusten. Many of them also have parking facilities for RVs or camper vans.