Kalahari - Café
Kalahari - Café
Kalahari - Café
Kalahari - Café
Kalahari - Café

Kalahari - Café

Welcome to this café in Harmånger that is open year round!


Welcome into this café and take a cup of tea, coffee, warm chocolate or a soda! You can also buy tasty sandwiches, buns, cookies and ice Cream.

You can also find cheap thing at the yardsale or second hand store just outside.

In the department for craftsmenship you'll find both large and small Crafts, stuff like oven mitts, dish cloths, pillows, bags and linen gowns. There's also carpets etc. that can be bought or ordered to be woven. They also sell items made from ex. old Magazines, jeans and other textiles.

Come in, have fun and shop cheap!


  • Child friendly
  • Non smoking
  • All year

Contact information

  • Organizer: Upplev Nordanstig
  • Phone number: +46 073-8270101
  • Webbsida: http://www.kalaharihgr.n.nu/
  • Address: Strömsbruksvägen 29, 829 95 Harmånger
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10 am - 6 pm, Fridays 10 am - 4 pm, From May - August 2020, open until 6 pm all weekdays. Some saturdays will be open