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Månses Design

In Stugsund, right outside of Söderhamn, we have a store and a restaraunt.
You're welcome in to buy our goods, or enjoy the food from our chef Markus West's wonderful menu!


“The dinner table is the heart of the home: this is where we break bread and actually talk to each other. This is why setting a table should be enjoyable – it is too important not to be.”
Malin Eliasson

The love of food and the sharing of meals are at the very core of the products principles at Månses Design. This includes the notion that all china should be enjoyed on a daily basis rather than be stored away in cupboards and brought out on special occasions only: why not make every day a special occasion?

This is why each line from Månses is made of the best and most durable materials and why all products are created to transfer from every day use to special occasion simply by changing accessories like tablecloths and napkins.

The love of food is also respected in the products themselves as they enhance rather than compete with the food that is put onto them.


  • Summer
  • Physically disabled facilities
  • Fully licensed
  • Child friendly
  • Non smoking

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