Nathan Söderblom - sculpture

Nathan Söderblom - sculpture

Archbishop who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930.


Nathan Söderhblom (1866-1931) was born in Trönö and is known as a leading theologist and man of the church in both Sweden and abroad. He was named archbishop in 1914, and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1930.

The sculpture is welded from 10 mm corté steel. The figure is in actual size, about 175 cm high. The gate is about 3 meters high. On the gate is inscribed the word "Peace" in different language. The sculpture was erected in 2001.

Artist: Thomas Qvarsebo
Welding: Tomas Hydling


  • Child friendly
  • All year
  • City
  • Beach
  • Kostnadsfritt

Contact information

  • Address: Rådhusparken, Söderhamn