Nature reserve by Grossjöberget

Nature reserve with moraine and forest of different ages.

Located east of Arbrå. Many birds can be found in the area. Several different biotopes, for example bog with orchids and morain with 350-400 years old pines. Marked trails in the forest for hiking, and signposts with information about the types of nature on some places.


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Grossjöberget Nature Reserve consists of hilly terrain and a diverse forest, some that has been affected by forest fires. The reserve is located just under 20 km north east of Bollnäs and is named after the hill that rises 100 metres over the surface of lake Grossjön.

Forest affected by fire
The forest in the reserve is in some places clearly marked by forest fires. The forest is about 100 years old, but there are also occasional pine trees that are much older, between 300-400 years old. These trees have survived several forest fires. As a natural consequence of the forest fires there is a great deal of deciduous trees in some parts of the area.
The most recent fire in 1933 burned a large area, which now belongs to the nature reserve. Much of the affected forest is preserved and alive today. You can see traces of the fires in the form of scars on most pine trees.

Rich flora in the hollows
While the pine trees dominate the higher and drier parts there is a richer flora lower down in the terrain. One of the large nature values in the reserve lies in the stream valley below Abbortjärnen. Here there are big aspens, old spruce, linden, maple, baneberry and ostrich fern. In the bog on Grossjön’s northern end you can find orchids and broad-leaved bob-cotton.
In the rest of the reserve there are also good biotopes for woodpeckers and capercaillie as well as for lots of lichen, moss and fungi species.

Size: 445 ha
Established: 1998
Municipality: Bollnäs municipality
Nature types: Forest, bog and water
Service: Parking, information sign, pick-nick place.

Map & directions

How to find it From Bollnäs: Take road 83 north to Arbrå, there you turn off and follow road 651 south towards Flästa. There you turn off to your right towards Grossjöberget. Then follow the signs. From Söderhamn: Take road 583 to Norrala/Kungsgården and from there road 654 towards Trönö and Storsjön. Right before Storsjön you turn left and after about 4 km you have reached the destination.