The nature reserve of Tjuvberget

The nature reserve of Tjuvberget

Magnificent views with varied forest!


Tjuvberget´s nature reserve is located about 5 km south of Bollnäs, by lake Övra Herten. The elongated and partly steep mountain rises at most 210 m above sea leavel. The area is very varied with large height differences and different forest types. From the top you have a beautiful view of Ljusnan and the Hälsinge forest. At the rest area on the southern part of the nature reserve, where the trail Hälsingeleden passes, there is a fire place and access to firewood. You get to the top of the mountain via a winding path from the parking lot, about 750 m, a not too demanding walk.

According to legend, this is a place where thieves used to be and robbed tired hikers. In the reserve there are several ancient monuments, including a stone for resting that has been used since the 18th century. There is also a cave formed by crack formation in the rock, which is said to have been used by thieves.

More information, about this and other nature reserves, and a digital map of the nature reserve can be found on the County Administrative Board's website. A simpler map is available at Bollnäs tourist information.


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