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Naturum Färnebofjärden

Welcome into Naturum!
Naturum Färnebofjärden is situated in one of the old houses at Gysinge Bruk on the banks of Dalälven. The exhibition describes Färnebofjärden’s flora and fauna and different environments in the Park.


There is an extensive information area for those interested. Next to Naturum is a bridge, adapted for the handicapped, which you can go on to be in the middle of the roaring rapids. You can look at the old mill ruins and enjoy the view from rest places in the middle of Gysinge rapids.
Naturum has activities for both children and adults. You can watch films about the park, visit "Mr Beaver" in his hut and listen to woodpeckers. Or why not go on a beaver safari on the river, hike among flowers or participate in a bat evening. You can also get trip tips in the National Park. Naturum is an experience for all ages.

Free entry.
See our homepage or ring us for opening times.


  • Child friendly
  • Close to nature
  • Forest area
  • Kostnadsfritt

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23 January 2021
Naturum Färnebofjärden 23 January 2021
24 January 2021
Naturum Färnebofjärden 24 January 2021
25 January 2021
Naturum Färnebofjärden 25 January 2021

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