Reiki room
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House float with Reiki room

Reiki energy healing

Reiki activates the self healing capacities of your body. It balances body, soul and spirit.


Reiki is a healing "method" which was rediscovered by japanese Mikao Usui in the end of the 19th century. The word "rei-ki" means "universal energy". Healing comes from the hands which function as a channel for the reiki energy.
The universe and all around us is filled with endless energy. It's this universal power and energy source that keeps us alive. Reiki is this natural live energy and it flows powerful and concentrated through the Reiki "channels" (person who gives you Reiki) hands. So it's a human being who supplies Reiki to you through his or her hands.

Reiki activates the self healing capacities of your body. It balances body, soul and spirit.
But it does not replace a doctor. And the Reiki channel (person who gives you Reiki) must not promise or guarantee any healing as the Reiki energy is of higher intelligence than the channels. It could be intented to keep a suffering for the personal development of somebody. But in such case Reiki can ease the suffering.

Reiki is deeply relaxing and harmonising.
Reiki is love.
Reiki originates from god.

You are going to receive Reiki on our house float with phantastic view over the lake, during the summer even on the sun deck of the float if you wish.


  • Close to nature
  • Close to lake
  • Forest area

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Map & directions

With (free) bus no. 45 from Storvik or Kungsgården to Gästrike-Hammarby centrum (bus stop beside the pizzeria, pizzerian is painted in green). Pass the pizzeria to the left, turn right into "Ribacksvägen" (Ribacks road). After approx. 100 m turn left to a little bridge/"Skommarstensvägen" (Skommarstens road). Follow Skommarstensvägen out from the village for approx. 1,5 km to house no. 31.