Sledge slopes

Go sledding on the slopes. Put on warm clothes, maybe bring a snowracer and take a coffee break between the rides.


At Hällmyra, a popular sledge slope for many families with children. Here you can whiz down the hill, walk up again and after the energy wears off a bit, either have a homemade lunch bag or grill some sausages at a grill at the top of the hill. At the hill is also Hällmyra's nice ski trail - so take the opportunity to bring both sledges and skis for a wonderful day out. Both the sledge slope and the ski trails have lights. In the morning at 06: 00-09: 00 and in the afternoon at 15: 00-22: 00. Every day of the week.

Another popular sledge slope is Kungsbacken, which is centrally located in Söderhamn near the City Hall. Pause all rides with a homemade coffee bag or take a short walk over to cafe Rådis for a good sandwich & hot chocolate or a tasty pastry. At the top of the hill there is a windbreak with a barbecue area. Kungsbacken have lights in the evening as well.


  • Child friendly
  • Close to nature