Genuine mill environment with idyllic buildings and a small mill pond. Old flax processing plants with factory sales nearby. In the area there are exhibitions and a shop with handicrafts, pottery and smithy, café and bakery, as well as the award-winning gourmet restaurant, Växbo Krog, with a focus on local ingredients.


Beautifully next to the mill pond is the old mill and the red old buildings. A very idyllic environment to enjoy.
Here is Växbo Krog, a gourmet restaurant in a fantastic environment with a focus on modern Swedish cuisine and locally produced ingredients.
Here are also Växbo Logen, Krukmakeriet and Smedjan. For the children there is the playground, Kvarnleken, and various small animals.

On the other side of the road is Trolldalen, a beautiful small valley with small log houses and linen processing plants. Here you get to experience how the linen was processed in the past. The water wheels at the shafts and the link flap starts during showings. Stroll around the scenic surroundings and look into Växbo Bakery with bread from their own stone slabs. High-quality coffee bread is served in the cozy cottage or on the outdoor terrace.

Within walking distance is Växbo Lin, one of Sweden's few remaining linen weavers. See ongoing production, experience the linen now and then, and find bargains in the well-stocked factory shop. Tours around in the factory are done daily during the month of July.

Contact information

  • Opening hours: See www.vaxbokrog.se and www.vaxbolin.se for current opening hours and more information.