Water and wilderness in Mid-Sweden

Welcome to Scandinavian Wildwatch, only three hours drive from Stockholm. We organise several kinds of wildlife safaris, such as brown bear watching, beaver safaris and moose safaris.


Our bear cabin, on the edge of a marsh, is newly built and of a good standard with bunk beds and a “dry toilet”.
On our bear excursions, you leave civilization and drive with us into the Swedish wilderness which is only 30 minutes away! Along the way, we have good chances of spotting moose and grouse. At the end of the road we leave the car and quietly follow the guide the last few hundred metres to the bear cabin. The cabins have a clear view of the feeding post, only 50 metres away. Together with the guide, you sit and wait throughout the night, hoping to experience an encounter with a wild Swedish brown bear.

The activity carried out by Scandinavian Wildwatch

Contact information

  • Address: Norränge 5561, 82010 Arbrå