Your own local excursion guide

Do you want to experience more at your planed excursion tour in the area of the Dellen Lakes? Use a local excursion guide!


This product is suiteble for a family, a couple or a small group of 1-4 persons.
Together with the guide we make a plan for the excursion tour, approx 2-4 hours depending on request.
We can take the common trip destinations, you wouldn´t or shouldn´t miss, or some of the unfamiliar ones.

The benefits to use a local guide:
- Confidence where to drive, finding the hidden secret part or just a place to rest or whith a view.
- More valueble experience when local history, stories and knowledge been told.
- Sharing knowledge about the areas flora and fauna.

Excursiontours in another area can be considered. Please contact me for suggestions och price purposal.

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